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Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that can cause problems with spelling, writing and reading. It’s a specific learning difficulty meaning that it can cause problems with certain abilities used for learning. These can include reading and writing. Here at Dyslexia North East, we specialise in providing guidance for those affected by Dyslexia as well as educating people about the condition.

Intelligence isn’t affected by Dyslexia. It’s been estimated that 10% of people in the United Kingdom suffer from learning difficulties to some degree.

Dyslexia is something that stays with a person for life and it can present challenges on a daily basis. Here at Dyslexia North East, we have extensive experience of helping sufferers of Dyslexia through various initiatives and services that we run. This can help individuals to improve their reading and writing skills and also helps them to be more successful in everyday life.

Signs of Dyslexia (Learning Difficulties)

The early signs of Dyslexia can become visible from a young age. This is most commonly when a child starts school and various challenges arise in terms of learning. A person who has dyslexia may have some of the following issues:

  • Difficulty in reading and writing.
  • Confusion with letters and words
  • Confusion with letters and writing them the wrong way round.
  • Having issues with spelling correctly.
  • Have difficulty understanding information when written down but not having issues when told the same information verbally.
  • Struggling with organizing and planning

How to get help

If you think your child may have Dyslexia, then we recommend speaking with the school’’s teacher as a first instance. You can also contact us and we will be happy to share our expertise in dealing with learning difficulties.

We may be able to offer additional support for your child if necessary. Dyslexia North East was set up specifically with the aim of helping Dyslexic sufferers and we pride ourselves on the services that we provide to the Dyslexic community in the north east.

If your child continues to have difficulties even after the additional support, you should consider a more in-depth assessment from one of our advisors.